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FABRIC is a Large Scale Integrated project, co-funded by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme, that runs from 2014 through 2017 implemented by 25 partner organisations from 9 European countries.

Paving the way

for large scale deployment of electromobility.

Over the next four years the €9 million FABRIC integrated project will address directly the technological feasibility, economic viability and socio-environmental sustainability of dynamic on-road charging of electric vehicles.

Latest advances

Even though electromobility penetration levels worldwide are not impressive, the trend is upward and more car makers introduce electric models to the market.At the same time investments in EV charging infrastructure continue to grow.  



The main scientific and technological objective of FABRIC is to conduct feasibility analysis of on-road charging technologies for long term electric vehicle range extension. technologies for long term electric vehicle range extension.   


Test Sites

FABRIC targets various types of vehicles, including passenger cars, light weight duty vehicles and heavy vehicles and buses. Appropriate charging solutions will be integrated and tested in different sites, covering an extensive part of Europe from Italy in the South, through France, to Sweden in the North.


Expected Impact

FABRIC is expected to pave the way for the future E-mobility. By addressing importance challenges related to charging and ICT solutions for electric vehicles, FABRIC will both increase the market share for EVs and contribute in meeting the environmental demands on future mobility.


Project videos

The final project video is now available! Watch it to learn more about the FABRIC main results as were presented during its Final Event and Demonstration, that was successfully organised in Turin and Susa, Italy, on June 21-22, 2018.

Watch here



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The FABRIC project is supported and co-funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605405. FABRIC is also supported by EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) and ERTICO-ITS Europe.



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