Dissemination material

In this section the FABRIC dissemination material will be available for download.

Fabric Logo

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Fabric leaflet

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Fabric Roll-up Banner

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Fabric Final leaflet - Results

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Final Event Posters

A number of Self-Standing Roll-Up Banners were produced on the occasion of the FABRIC Final Event and Demonstration, in Turin and Susa (Italy), on 21-22 June 2018. These posters present in short the work conducted and the results achieved in the different Work Package of the project. The Roll-Up Banners were part of the Final Event exhibition that was held in parallel with the Final Conference on the 21st of June, in Politecnico di Torino and of the smaller exhibition that was available to all demonstration participants in Susa, on the 22nd of June, during the breaks.

In this section, the PDF files of the Final Event banners are available for download. The banners are divided in three different areas, in accordance with the type of activities presented in each of them. 


ICT requirements for on-road wireless EV charging (pdfDownload)
Grid load balancing for Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (pdf Download)
Grid Alignment Assistant System (GAAS)(pdf Download)
FABRIC Charging Solutions: An Overview (pdf Download)
FABRIC: Dynamic Power Transfer System architecture (pdf Download)
Italian test site WPT Charging Solutions (pdf Download)
The French Test Site WPT Charging Solution (pdf Download)
Slide-in Sweden: Conductive ERS (pdf Download)
Static & Dynamic Wireless Charging of Electric Buses (pdf Download


French Test Site WPT Charging Solution: Evaluation Results (pdf Download)
Italian Test site: Testing & Assessment activities (pdf Download)
FCA-CRF Vehicle demonstrator (pdf Download)


Towards developing sustainable E-Road infrastructure (pdf Download
Grid impact of dynamic wireless power transfer (pdf Download
Review of construction practices for E-roads (pdf Download
Monitoring and Maintenance of electric infrastructure (pdf Download
E-road take-up: Business model approach & other expected impacts (pdf Download

Additional A0 posters

Seven additional A0 posters focusing on the different aspects fo the two Dynamic WPT solutions developed at the FABRIC Italian Test Site were produced for the purposes of the Final Demonstration activities, held in Susa, on 22 June 2018. These posters are available below as PDF files below.

Secondary System: Receiver structure (pdfDownload)
Control & Communication Shelter (pdfDownload)
Static Charge: Coils Embedment (pdfDownload)
ANPR & SuperCapsshelter: POLITO charging Infrastructure (pdfDownload)

Italian Test Site: Control Room (pdfDownload)
Italian Test Site: Power Room System (pdfDownload)
Italian Test Site Charging Solutions: The SAET WPT system (pdfDownload)


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The FABRIC project is supported and co-funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605405. FABRIC is also supported by EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) and ERTICO-ITS Europe.



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