FABRIC is organised in five Subprojects (SPs) which in turn split down into individual Work-Packages (WPs).

These subprojects are:
•SP1: Management, led by ICCS
•SP2: ICT solutions, led by ERT
•SP3: Charging Solutions, led by TRL
•SP4: Integration, Infrastructure & Testing, led by ICCS
•SP5: Assessment, led by KTH


SP1 is devoted to project management issues and includes exploitation and dissemination activities.

The FABRIC approach is to address feasibility and market readiness at component level for ICT and charging components within SP2 and SP3 respectively, while undertaking the developments of the solutions required to adapt existing technologies to dynamic on-road charging.

In SP4, the vehicles, ICT solutions, infrastructures and grid aspects will be integrated and the different use case testbeds will be realized. All integration will be undertaken in SP4, together with the feasibility analysis and testing.

SP5 focuses on the analysis of the impact on users, society and the environment in addition to the development of a comprehensive deployment roadmap based on detailed business cases build on the results of SP2, SP3 and SP4.


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The FABRIC project is supported and co-funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605405. FABRIC is also supported by EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) and ERTICO-ITS Europe.



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