The test site in France is located in SATORY near Versailles, a facility dedicated to testing and qualifying intelligent transportation testfrance1systems,either fully embedded in vehicles (i.e. driver assistance systems) or distributed between vehicles and roads (cooperative systems).

The facility includes 3 independent tracks known with a very precise geometry (cm)

  • “Speed tracks”, which are a 2 km long straight stretch of road.
  • “Road track” (green), which is 3,4km long, presenting 13 curves whose radii vary between 30m and 600m
  • “Val d’Or track” (blue), which is the location of short curve radii and high declivity.

The test site will allow experiments associated to dynamic inductive charging use on road and periurban highway.
It will consist of one lane equipped with the chosen induction technology infrastructure and ICT solutions. This road portion will be positioned after an “acceleration lane” that will allow to access safely the equipped lane up to 60 km/h (higher speed could be achievable depending on cars and charging system performances).
Road configuration will allow safe deceleration after the equipped portion, and also serial passages with no time loss.
The following diagram illustrates these features.

The equipped length will allow simultaneous presence of two vehicles charging for a minimum of one second and allow analysis of the various transitions and the stabilization of charging. Cases where vehicles merge into the charging lane from an adjacent lane and vice versa will be also considered, so that overtaking cases are covered and so that the correct charging parameters are set when the car order changes and transient emissions are controlled.

A minimum length of 100 m will be implemented and a higher length will be implemented if required. The equipment to be installed includes hardware for the 100 m track length, electrical components (CCAs, electromechanical, cabling), magnetic and mechanical components.

Various power levels will be tested, the target is to experiment a power flow greater than 20 KW at the highest speed. As a complement to any electric on and off-board data measurement, precise positioning of cars and magnetic field emissions measurement close to the track will be available for data logging. Charging (slow and quick) facilities will be available on the site so as to re-charge the test vehicles.





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The FABRIC project is supported and co-funded by the European Union in the Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 605405. FABRIC is also supported by EUCAR (European Council for Automotive R&D) and ERTICO-ITS Europe.



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